How to come to Terme Čatež?

Terme Čatež is close to Croatian boarder and from Ljubljana to there is all the way highway. From Ljubljana you can take a bus which drive different, from 1h 20 minutes to 2h 15 minutes. It costs from 10.3 EUR to 11.1 EUR. The timetable and the price you can check here.

In front of the Thermal Spa and surrounding hotels you have a lots of free parking spaces.

Where to sleep in Čatež?

Around the Terme Čatež you have a lots of possibilities where to spend the night. You can choose any of 4-star hotels which are 300 meters from the Thermal Spa. On the other hand you can stay in a 5-star Mobile homes at the Thermal Spa.

Terme Čatež
Hotel Toplice Čatež

Like always I want to suggest you to spend a night or two in any of Tourist Farm. One well-known farm with the wine tasting room is Istenič in Stara Vas na Bizeljskem. They have big offer of the sparkling wine and give much attention to the wine drinking culture. It is about 15 km from the Terme Čatež.

However if you want to stay somewhere else Around Slovenia and come in Čatež just for a day, you can check where to stay with special experience.

About Thermal Spa

Like I wrote in the title it is fairy tale for all family. There are Winter Thermal Riviera and Summer Thermal Riviera. In this post I will present the Winter Thermal Riviera because it is open now during winter.

Terme Čatež
Terme Čatež – Winter Thermal Riviera

It is the largest indoor pool complex with three domes. There you can find small pool for very small children, pool with waves, pool of irregular shapes and pool area at pirate ship. There are different water attractions like surfing on the wild waves for brave one and on the other side the massage beds to calm down.

Terme Čatež
Terme Čatež – Pirate ship

In the complex you can find sauna park with eight different saunas. As part of this you can swim in two cooling and two relaxation pools.

In the Winter Thermal Riviera you can visit the self-service restaurant. Normally hotels around Terme Čatež have own restaurant.

They always prepare some entertainment for all family. Usually there is water aerobics for adults and face painting for children.

Terme Čatež
Terme Čatež – Water aerobics

There are always some special offers. Normally the price for the Winter Thermal Riviera on the working days is 13 EUR for adults and 10.50 EUR for children. During weekend it is 17 EUR for adults and 13 EUR for children.

Pool with the waves
Terme Čatež – pool with the waves

Around Terme Čatež

Around Terme Čatež you can visit different towns with rich history. One of them is Brežice which is about 5 km from the Thermal Spa. The locals say it is small town with the big heart. There you can take a guided tour and meet the green world at confluence of the river Sava and Krka.

In this surroundings is very popular the Castle Mokrice which is about 7 km from the Thermal Spa. The castle has been remodeled into boutique hotel with rooms and apartments in the castle towers. At the Castle Mokrice is one of the most beautiful golf course.

As I already wrote around Brežice and Čatež you can visit any farm or Wine Cellar and try high quality wine. There you can also decide for any of cycling tours or hiking trip. From there you can visit Krško, Novo mesto or even Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Novo mesto is well-known for the most discovered bronze situlas. In the Museum of Dolenjska you can visit the permanent archeological exhibition of situlas. Through Novo mesto flows the green river Krka. Raft ride on the river Krka is special experience. You can decide for the dinner or music night on the raft.

However, we really enjoyed spent day in Terme Čatež. It was really relaxing and it was worth it.