Ljubljana Castle and its vineyard

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle is on the hill above the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. It is easy to reach. You can come to the Ljubljana Castle by car, parking is free. Or you can take a funicular from Krek Square, near Ljubljana Central Market. Or even you can go there by foot, you need 15 minutes easy walk from the Prešeren Square.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill

Attractions of the Ljubljana Castle

The Wisdom of Castle Wine

Do you know that below Ljubljana Castle, at the southern face of Castle Hill, you can find vineyard? It was planted in 2016 and extends over 2,500 m2. If you are wine lover and visit Ljubljana Castle then you have to try extra experience The Wisdom of Castle Wine. You will take a walk with the interactive mobile app which will give you all instructions and interesting facts about Castle, vineyard and its surrounding. Master Urban will test your knowledge about wine and its use. I can give you a little hint 🙂

Ljubljana Castle – vineyard

Do you know why are the roses in the vineyards? Because the roses are sensitive to the similar group of the fungal diseases like the vineyards and it can be early indicator of diseas. I can’t tell you more but be sure that you will get much more interesting facts about wine and vineyards.

During this visit you’ll also come to the Chapel of St. George. It is especially interesting because George is known as a winner over a dangerous dragon. And at the place where St. George defeated the dragon, today is the 500-year-old chapel dedicated to St. George. Dragon is symbol of the Capital Ljubljana.

This tour is really funny and interesting. We were lost sometimes, we tested our knowledge and finally we have learned more about history of Ljubljana, Castle and wine. At the end of the tour we tested Slovenian wine in the Castle Wine bar with the wonderful view.

Ljubljana Castle
Drink with the view
Amazing Views

From Ljubljana Castle you can enjoy amazing view over Ljubljana. In the price of the attraction the Wisdom of the Castle Wine is included visit of the top of Viewing Tower. It is the highest point in the city and from there you can see all the city and far away.

Ljubljana Castle
Viewing Tower
Exhibitions in the Ljubljana Castle

Normally you can’t miss the permanent exhibition of the Slovenian History. The exhibition is shown on the easy understanding way with some games. If you have more time you can visit more exhibitions like The Castle Armoury. If you want to check more about Ljubljana Castle Experiences click here.

More about capital – Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle is one of have to visit places in the capital. But don’t forget it is not only interesting thing in Ljubljana. More about Ljubljana you can read here.

Just 5 more short advice:

  • Take the boat tour on the Ljubljanica River.
  • Take a drink and enjoy the view from the Nebotičnik (Skyscraper).
  • Visit any of museums in the Ljubljana – every first Sunday in the month many museums have free entrance.
  • Shopping in BTC City and City Park
  • Relax in Tivoli park. If you are lucky you can meet the squirrel there.

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