Vintgar Gorge – where the time stops for a while

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is green place in the middle of the nature. It is 1600 m long and up to 250 m deep, about 4 km from the Lake Bled. There is a wooden path along the river Radovna. Soon after the entrance in the Vintgar Gorge you reach the small waterfall ¨Mali Šum¨ and at the end of the gorge, big Šum river waterfall awaits you. There are really many breathtaking scene where you can make unforgottable pictures. The entrance fee for the adults is 10 EUR and for kids 6-15years old is 2 EUR.

Vintgar Gorge

How to come to the Vintgar Gorge and where to stay?

If you are coming to Vintgar Gorge by car you can leave it at the entrance. The parking is 5 EUR for all day. From Bled you can take a bus Arriva, it takes 10 minutes to the vintgar. It costs 1.30 EUR for one way ticket.

I highly recommend you to stay in any tourist farm close to Bled in the green nature. One renovated, clean and very nice place to spent your time is a farm house Bernard. More about Apartments Bernard you can read here.

History of the Vintgar Gorge

Before 1891 it was inaccessible and unknown. In 1891 two curious men, the Gorje mayor Jakob Žumer and the Bled photographer Benedikt Lergetporer, entered the Vintgar to the river Radovna. They talked to their friends in Bled and started to collect money for arrangement into the tourist point. Already in 1893, there were built more than 500 meters of bridges and galleries for tourists. It was opened on August 26, 1893.

Vintgar Gorge

How to organize the trip?

The trip around Vintgar Gorge will take you 2 to 3 hours. This year there is organized one way tour. So you can start at the main entrance, at the log cabin, admire all the beauties on the wooden path along the river and at the end of the gorge at the Šum waterfall you can choose between two routes.

The wooden path

The Šum River Waterfall is especially large in the spring or during rainy days. We were in the Vintgar some days ago, so during summer and after some rainy days and it was really amazing.

Vintgar Gorge
Amazing Waterfall Šum

On the way you can also notice the single arch stone bridge of the Bohinj Railway, built in 1906, which crosses the Vintgar 33.5m high above the path. There is also the dam for the small hydro power plant Vintgar.

Vintgar Gorge
The arch stone bridge of the Bohinj Railway and the dam

So at the Waterfall Šum you can decide for circular route Sveta Katarina-Hom or Steep side – Dobrava. The route Sveta Katarina-Hom is shorter and easier. On the other hand you can also decide for Steep and longer route through the village Dobrava. On the route there is well-marked path.

Vintgar Gorge
The sign for entrance on the route

The Vintgar Gorge is opened from April to November. It is also opened on the rainy days, you need just wear hiking clothes and boots. The best time to visit is summer when it is hot and you can cool there. I highly recommend you to visit this place if you love green nature, rivers and waterfalls.

There are also a lot of options what to do in Bled and its surroundings.

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