Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka is located in the region Gorenjska. It has almost 12,000 inhabitants and it is 4,5 km². It is about 20 km from the capital of Slovenia, so you need half an hour by car. You can come from Ljubljana by train in 25 minutes. One way ticket by train is 1.90 EUR. The train is the cheapest and the fastest option. It is worth the visit.

Where to sleep in Škofja Loka?

Because it is close to capital you can spend a night somewhere there with special experience. But if you want to stay in the calm area, out of the crowd, I suggest you to stay in any of the tourist farm. I suggest you Tourist farm Megušar. It has very good location, with very good breakfast and cheap price.

Loka Castel

Škofja Loka is one of the oldest town Around Slovenia, it was mentioned in 973 for the first time. As befits for old town the main attractions are the castles. The most known is the Loka castle. It was destroyed by earthquake in 1511 but it was renovated by Bishop Filip. Today in the castle you can find very well decorated museum.

Škofja Loka
Loka Castle

Opposite of the castle you can visit one of the Slovenia’s first open-air museums for free. There you can admire Škopar House with a smoke kitchen, a hayrack and a mill. The Škopar house is type of a house with the so called ‘black kitchen’ and represents the way of cottagers’ and farmers’ living from Škofja Loka area during the period from 16th to the end of 19th century. When you will visit the castle and its surroundings I suggest you to leave the car in the center at any of the many parking and go to the castle by foot. It is the easiest way.

Škofja Loka
Škopar House Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka Bridges

A river Sora runs through the Škofja Loka. Because of this river you can cross many bridges and admire the river from different heights. For me one of the most beautiful views is from the Devil’s Bridge. It is wooden footbridge which connects the village Puštal with the center of Škofja Loka. Definitely all of this bridges connect people and places.

Škofja Loka
Devil’s Bridge Škofja Loka

Historic Houses

One of the the most known historic house is Nace’s House. You can visit it in the Village Puštal. It was built in 16th century but finally renovated in 1755. It is the only house in this area which has not changed its outside. The house is a good example of an Alpine house of Škofja Loka-Cerkljansko type. It is special because of having two black kitchens and two living rooms.

Nace’s House Puštal

I would also expose the Grohar’s House, it is the birth house of the famous Slovenian painter. His works from his early period, especially portraits and paintings with the religious content, you can admire in the Loka museum.

I would highly recommend to take a walk through the streets of the medieval town and enjoy the view over old colorful houses. On these streets you can take a drink and just relax like you are some hundred years ago.

Škofja Loka
Škofja Loka

Around Škofja Loka

Very beautiful place to visit when you are in Škofja Loka is Zbilje. From Škofja Loka to Zbilje you need about 15 minutes by car. There is Lake where you can admire big and small swans. You can rent a boat and take the ride between swans. Or just sit and enjoy the view over lake with cold drink. Sometimes during warm summer evenings you can join the yoga class at the lake.

Swans in Zbilje Lake

Around this area you can find a lots of hiking trails. One of the most popular trails is Slovenian Mountain Trail as well as being the oldest Around Slovenia. It begins in Maribor, over Pohorje and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karavanke, the Julian Alps and sub-Alpine hills to the Debeli rtič at the Adriatic Sea.

You can also take a walk on the three castles path. It begins at the entrance to Loka Castle. You can follow the signs and you will reach the ruins of the Tower on Krancelj and finally to the Wild Loka Castle.

On the other hand from the Škofja Loka you can visit beautiful Slovenian pearl, Lake Bled. By car you need about 40 minutes.