Škocjan Caves – the mysterious underworld

Škocjan Caves

Škocjan Caves are located close to Divača on the Slovenian Karst. All cave passages are 6,200 metres. The lowest point of the Škocjan caves is the Dead Lake which is 212 meters deep. Through the cave you can admire the river Reka (Reka in Slovenian means river).

How to come to Škocjan Caves?

If you are coming by car from the capital Ljubljana you need around 50 minutes on the highway. In front of the caves you can find free parking. From Ljubljana you can take a bus or train to the Divača. The bus costs 7.90EUR one way ticket or 14.22EUR return ticket and it takes about 1h 20 minutes. The train costs 7.70EUR one way ticket and it takes around 1 hour and half. By train you have many discount options, one very popular is Tourist Weekend offer. From Divača to the Škocjan caves you can walk. The trail is about 3 km long and is well marked so it takes about 35 minutes walk.

More about Škocjan caves and its surroundings

I suggest you to come at least half an hour before the entrance that you buy a ticket, visit souvenir shop and take a walk around the park. We went to the museum and to the view point. The viewpoint is named after Princess Stefani (1864-1945), it was built just for her. They built it with the money allocated by the court for the landscape arrangement of the area. She didn’t go to the river or enter the cave and it was not raining.

Škocjan Caves
The windy viewpoint – named after Princess Stefani

Durig Covid 19 you can take just a tour through the Underground Canyon. You enter in the Globocak Collapse Doline. You visit Silent Cave (Tiha jama) with numerous dripstone formations and the underground canyon of the Reka River.

Škocjan Caves
Škocjan Caves
photo source: PŠJ archive
author of photo: Mr. Borut Lozej

There you cross Cerkvenik Bridge, 50 meters above the River. You come out in Velika dolina. More about tours in Škocjan Caves you can read here.

Škocjan Caves
Škocjan Caves – Cerkvenik Bridge
photo source: PŠJ archive
author of photo: Mr. Borut Lozej

5 top things to do Around Škocjan Caves

Slovenian Seaside

In every season the visit of the Slovenian Seaside is good decision. Just breathe the sea air and enjoy in the view over endless sea and you feel relaxed. More about Slovenian Seaside you can read here.

Debeli Rtič
Sunset at Slovenian Seaside – Debeli Rtič

Karst Edge (Kraški rob)

When you are close to the seaside I highly recommend to visit Karst Edge. On that way you can take a view from the castle Črni Kal to the seaside or take a drink like the nobleman in the castle Socerb. You can take a walk on the Edge from the Italian border along the Croatian border and enjoy the amazing view.

Kraški rob
The view from the Fortress of Črni Kal

Cerknica Lake

In Slovenia you can find many lakes, one of them is a Cerknica Lake, which is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. The biggest surface of water in Lake Cerknica is 30 km2 and the maximum depth is 10m. During summer you can take a boat ride while in winter you can ice skate. On the other hand you can just take a walk and admire different European bird species.


Vipava is known for wine. There are produced white and red wines Connoisseurs describe them as elegant and harmonious. On the other hand Vipava is the best place for green and nature lovers. There are many springs of rivers, the most known is river Vipava but I would also suggest to visit the Hubelj River spring.

Štanjel Village & Castle

Visit Štanjel Village – one of the oldest village in the Karst Region. Try homemade, delicious dishes in Castle Štanjel and enjoy in its Ferrari Garden.

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