Klevevž – natural spa, warm all the year


Klevevž is natural spa in the region Dolenjska, close to the Novo mesto. It is about 80km from Ljubljana, you need one hour by car. It is a natural spring from which water comes with the constant temperature of 24.8 degrees Celsius. The locals made from it the pool and the temperature inside is from 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.


Where to stay close to Klevevž?

It is just 6km from the Šmarješke Toplice so I highly recommend to spent some nights there. One of the very nice hotels is 4-star hotel Šmarjeta. But if you want special experience in the calm area surrounded by nature and vineyards, I suggest you any of the tourist farms. Just 4km from the Klevevž you can reach tourist farm Škrbina. There you can cycling, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, playing tennis or just sit and enjoy in the gorgeous nature.

Klevevž pool

How to come to the Klevevž?

It is about 80km from Ljubljana. The easiest way is to come by car and use the navigation. Be careful because in the Google map you can find it with ‘klevevška toplica’. You can leave the car in the parking, about 100 meters away.

What to do there?

In the pool Klevevž you can swim in all the seasons because it is natural. You can take a walk along the river Radulja where you can admire beautiful small waterfalls. It takes 10 to 15 minutes easy walk. You can also visit there the remains of the Castle Klevevž. They started to build it in 1265. They called it Klingenfels what in German means ‘sounding rock’. The castle was burnt down by Partisans in 1942 and only a few walls remain.

Klevevž Walking Path

Close to the Klevevž you have many tourist attractions to do. At first I would like to expose the good wine of region Dolenjska, it is wine Cviček. It is one of the rare examples which is made from red and white grape varieties.

I would like to write about (for me) 5 top places around Klevež. For more ideas what to do Around Slovenia you can check here.

1. Šmarješke Toplice

I already mentioned Šmarješke Toplice where you can spend a night or two. It is wellness and spa resort where you can relax in thermal pools, experience their saunas or enjoy health treatments. You can also explore numerous walking and cycling trails around.

2. Fairytale Around Otočec Castle

Otočec Castle is the castle that stands on the island on the river Krka. In the castle is 5* hotel which surrounded by the Krka River. There is amazing ambience for weddings, parties and business meetings. Or just to take a walk and enjoy in wonderful views around green river and landscape.

Otočec Castle

3. Novo mesto

Novo mesto is the capital of the region Dolenjska. There you can shopping, take a drink in the old city centre or decide for the rafting on the river Krka. You can decide for the dinner on the raft or even music evenings while sailing under the Krka bridges.

4. Spend a night in vineyard cottage

If you want to experience a unique, authentic and attractive offer of the Slovenian countryside I highly recommend to spend a night in vineyard cottage. It is far away from crowds, noise and polluted air. There you can try traditional Slovenian cuisine, relax in the peace of the nature or spend active holidays.

5. Zagreb

Finally I would like to write some words about Zagreb. It is capital of Croatia and it is very close to Klevevž and region Dolenjska. It is very nice city. In Zagreb I really admire the viewpoints over Zagreb. You can visit the most visited tourst attraction in Zagreb, the observation deck Zagreb 360°. Or just take a walk on the hill to the Strossmayer Promenade from where you can admire nice view over city Zagreb and the cathedral.

Zagreb – the view over Cathedral

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