10 Things to do Around Slovenia in Spring

Slovenia lake

Spring is officially almost here. St. Valentine’s day is over. Love is in the air. The birds marry. And the nature is awakening. In Slovenia during spring a lot of tourist attractions open their door to visitors. So that is why I decide to write 10 things to do in Spring Around Slovenia.

1. Admire tulips in the Arboretum Volčji potok

Arboretum Volčji potok is the most visited botanic garden Around Slovenia. It is open all year but in the spring when the nature is awakening is something special. You can there admire different kind of flowers but colorful tulips are something special. There are also a lot of entertainment for children like children’s playground, labyrinth and dinosaurs of different sizes.

Around Slovenia
Arboretum Volčji Potok

2. Walk through the unspoilt nature in the Vintgar Gorge

In April the door will be opened in the gorgeous Vintgar Gorge. It is about 4 km from the Bled Lake. From the wooden path you can admire magnificent waterfalls in the green reassuring nature. You won’t regret.

3. Take a drink in the capital at the river Ljubljanica

The warmer days and evenings are coming. The most romantic place for the drink is promenade at the Ljubljanica river in the evening. You can choose between promenade at the river or boat on the river. Both options are ideal for the date or just chilling out. Here you can check more interesting ideas about Ljubljana.

Ljubljana by night

4. Taste any delicious international dish at Odprta Kuhna

On 20th of March at the Pogačarjev trg in Ljubljana will start 8. season of the Odprta kuhna (Open kitchen). Since then till October every Friday there will be stands with typical Slovenian and international dishes. Come to taste some delicious!

5. Walk on the bridge in Vipava like Casanova

Vipava is also very beautiful in the spring when everything blooms. The beautiful nature you can admire from one of the 25 bridges. You can take a walk on the one old bridge where Casanova walked. River Vipava is the only one river with a delta source in Europe. Region Vipava is also very known for their wine which you can taste in the Wine shop at the main Vipava market.

6. Relax at any of the Lakes Around Slovenia

Around Slovenia are a lot of more and less known and differently large lakes. The most visited are definitely Lakes Bled and Bohinj but I would like to expose less known lakes but also very beautiful and appropriate to relax. Last years Lake Velenje has become popular and more visited and there is also the beach. The second magnificent lake surrounded with very romantic and calm place is Gradiško Lake. It is just 25 km from Ljubljana but there you can really relax your soul and body. The weakness of this lake is just that there is no any cafe or shop but I think it is not big problem. You can bring your food and drink and make picnic at the lake in the middle of the green nature.

Around Slovenia
Gradiško lake

7. Visit Škofja Loka

The spring is ideal time to visit any city Around Slovenia when it is warm outside. Almost at the center of Slovenia you can reach Škofja Loka, just 20 km from Ljubljana. There you can visit any of the old castle or history house or any of the natural attractions like waterfalls (Sovpat, Skočnik v Davči, Lomski slap na Jesenovcu) and caves (Marijino brezno, Lubniška jama, Kevdrc).

8. Enjoy at any of outdoor events Around Slovenia

With the spring and warmer days are coming the outdoor activities. In April in the capital you can join Slovenian music days, Slovene Book days and Genre Film Festival. You can attend any of sport events like DM Running for Women (30th of May 2020) or a Walk along the Wire on the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship (from 7th to 9th of May).

Ljubljana – DM running for Women

9. Hike Around Slovenia

With a touch of the spring in the air the people is awaking and becomes active. Around Slovenia is ideal for hike because on one side you can climb on the Alps. On the other side you can find the lower hills and even the lowlands. I would like to suggest you one unusual and accessible plateau for everyone. It is Nanos which the majority admire just from the road to the seaside. If you are not in a good forma you can go by car part of the way and take a walk along the edge of the Nanos and just enjoy in the view.

Around Slovenia

10. Drink a beer at the Fountain Žalec

At the end of the March the first the first world beer fountain will again start to operate. You can choose between six types of beer. Quench your thirst with beer at fountain in Žalec.

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