Rogla, Treetop Walk and Lovrenška lakes


Where to sleep around Pohorje?

Around Pohorje you can stay in some very good 4-stars wellness hotels like Habakuk Wellness Hotel or Arena Wellness Hotel. On the other hand you can decide for any apartment close to Rogla. One of the best option is glamping in Slovenska Bistrica, 30 km from Rogla in Panorama Glamping Hut.

Like always I would like to suggest you to stay in any farm with special experience. Around 30 km from the Rogla you can reach the tourist farm Pri Ratu where you can taste the delicious farm food and their own home made wine.

Rogla – What to do?

Rogla is located on the mighty Pohorje. There are a lot of different activities. There is big and well-known ski resort so you can ski, snowboard, cross-country ski or snowshoe. On the other hand you can decide for any adrenaline adventure like sledding in the Zlodejevo Winter and Summer Sledding Area. It is appropriate for young and adults. The price for one person is 4.5 EUR for children and 6 EUR for adults.

However Rogla is surrounded by forest. You just take a walk around and enjoy in the fresh air. There is also a lot of entertainment for children like Pohorje village. There are nine huts and the church in the middle and every has own story with the cute game for the curling the brains.


In the middle of the Rogla’s trees in 2019 set up the Treetop Walk.

The Treetop Walk Pohorje

The height of the tower of the Treetop Walk Pohorje is 37 meters and the height of the walkway is up to 20 meters. Total length is 1,000 meters. On the path of the Treetop Walk you can find some games for the children. You can choose two ways how to come to the top of the tower. One way is walking around on the wooden part and it is an easier option. Or a little bit more adrenaline way are iron stairs in the middle of the tower. During walking to the top you can enjoy the 360-degree view over the mountain peaks.

The view from the Tower over Rogla

The fee entrance for the adults is 10 EUR and for children (3 – 14 years old) is 8 EUR. The families (2 adults + 1 or 2 children, younger than 14 years old) have special price 25 EUR. In front of the entrance to the Treetop you have free small parking but you can also leave your car by the road. You will need around one hour for easy walk to the top of the tower. The visit of Treetop Walk Pohorje is worth it because the view is breathtaking.

Iron stairs in the middle of the Tower

Trip to Lovrenška Lakes from Rogla

From Rogla (Hotel Planja) it is easy to reach Lovrenška Lakes. Around 1h20min you will need easy walk from Rogla to the Lakes, so it is also appropriate for families with small children. At the beginning of the area with the lakes you can climb to the tower from where you have the view from the bird’s perspective over the lakes.

Lovrenška Lakes
The view from the tower over Lovrenška Lakes area

This is actually a moor with the tiny lakes. The lakes you can admire from the wooden paths. You can just sit on the bench or on the path and enjoy in the calm nature.

Lovrenška Lakes
Lovrenška Lakes

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