How to come from/to the airport in Slovenia?

Airport Slovenia

Airport in Slovenia

The biggest and the most important airport in Slovenia, where go 99% of flights, is Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana. From airport to the center of Ljubljana you can choose different transport. The cheapest way to come to the center is the bus. It takes 50 minutes from the airport to the main bus station in Ljubljana and costs 4.10 EUR. You can buy the ticket on the bus.

The second option how to come from the airport in Slovenia to the capital is shuttle Goopti. The price is from 9 EUR depends when you book.

Airports around Slovenia

Because Slovenia is small country you can choose any of the airports around Slovenia. Very popular airports close to the Slovenia are airports in the Italy: Trieste, Treviso, Marco Polo, Milan and Bologna. To the all this airports you can fly by low cost Ryanair. From there to the Slovenia you can also take a shuttle Goopti or the cheaper option is Flixbus. You can also check at the Prevozi. At this page people publish free seats in their car or van for low price.

On the other side of Slovenia you can take a flight to the airport in Zagreb. It is a big airport with a lot of international flights. To there you can also take Goopti or find any transportation on the page Prevozi.

Cheap flights to the airport in Slovenia

Last year the Slovenian airline Adria Airways has filed bankruptcy and since then there are not some direct flights from Slovenia to some destinations. However some foreign airlines started with cheap flights to Slovenia.

From Ljubljana you can fly by EasyJet to London, by Wizzair to Brussels and by Transavia to Amsterdam. There you can choose a lot of cheap flights of Air Serbia, to a lots of Balkan cities (Belgrade, Skopje, Banja Luka, Dubrovnik) and also to Abu Dhabi, Colombo and some cities in Turkey. You can decide also for cheap flight to Berlin by EasyJet.

There are just some ideas about cheap flights to/from airport in Slovenia. If you need any advice leave me a comment and I will help you to find the cheapest flight.

Cheap flights Around Slovenia

In the last paragraph I wrote about flights direct to airport in Slovenia but many times happen that it is not the cheapest option. If some hours of travelling by bus or shuttle is not problem for you I highly recommend you to take a flight to the any of Italian airports.

The closest airport to Slovenia is Trieste airport and to/from there you can take Ryanair which is really the cheapest airline around Europe. To/from Trieste airport you can fly to Bari, Cagliari and Catania (Italy), to Valletta (Malta), Valencia (Spain) and to London Stansted (United Kingdom) by Ryanair.


On the other hand around 115 km from the Trieste airport you can reach Treviso airport and from there you can choose a lot of different flights by Ryanair all over the Europe. Around 30 km from Treviso airport you can reach Venice Marco Polo Airport and to/from there you can take almost all international flights all over the world. As I already wrote from Marco Polo Airport to the Slovenia you can come by shuttle Goopti or Flixbus/Nomago bus.

If you will take a flight to/from Treviso airport and you will have free time I highly recommend you to take one hour or two and take a walk through this small but very nice town. Very close to Treviso you can reach Venice.

Canal in Treviso

I also mentioned the airport in Zagreb. From/to there you can take all international flights. A lots of time the Turkish Airlines has some cheap offers to Zagreb.

As I already wrote if you need any help to find the cheap flight you can write me and I will give you some suggestion. Enjoy the flights Around Slovenia 🙂

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