50 things to do in Slovenia – 2. part


Second half of things to do in Slovenia

Here I will continue with the list of the 50 things to do in Slovenia. Here you can read first half of list.

26. Experience a rafting on Drava River

Visit Maribor, the second the biggest city in Slovenia, take a guided tour around the city and admire Drava River. Experience the unforgettable autochthonal rafting on Drava River with the Maribor raftsmen and their girls.

27. Visit Celje – the town of the Counts

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia and sometimes it was the town of the Counts. On the hill above the city you can visit castle which first mentioned in 1323. There you can also visit the most beautiful Counts’ Mansion.

things to do in Slovenia
The Old Counts’ Mansion Celje

28. Taste a beer at beer fountain Žalec

In Žalec you can find the first beer fountain. You can buy a glass for beer and taste 6×1 dcl of different beer for 8 EUR. The fountain is open from April to November. There you can visit the Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia.

things to do in Slovenia
Beer fountain Žalec

29. Enjoy your day in Laško

I believe that everyone already heard about beer Laško. In Laško Brewery you can visit the museum and taste the beer with savoury pastries. In Laško you can relax and calm down in wellness and spa center Thermana. On the hill above you can go to the old castle Tabor from where you have very beautiful view over town and river Savinja.

30. Relax at the beach at Velenje lake

In Velenje you can find one of the largest lake in Slovenia where you can relax, swim, take a SUP or drink a cocktail. You can also enjoy a ride in the Pletna boat on the lake. Velenje lake is the best natural place to swim in Slovenia.

31. Experience the life of the miners in Velenje

In the past the Velenje was the mining town, today you can visit the Coal Mining Museum which provides unforgettable experience of coalminers. It is not the only museum in Velenje. In Velenje castle you can visit museum where you can see Šalek prehistoric’s elephants, permanent exhibition of the moder Slovenian art, castel chapel, old shop, old inn and more.

32. On first Sunday in month visit the museums in Ljubljana for free

The best things in life are free and also you can find the things to do in Slovenia for free. So every first Sunday in month you have free entry for some museums: Slovene Etnographic Museum, National Museum of Contemporary History, National museum of Slovenia, National Gallery and Museum of Modern art.

33. Listen opera in SNT Opera and ballet Ljubljana

In capital you can visit SNT Opera and ballet house. You can chooce between different world famous opera and ballet.

34. Take a boat tour on Ljubljanica river

You can choose between different boats on Ljubljanica river and discover the beauties of Ljubljana from the other side. During ride you can try some Slovene traditional cuisine and take a drink, on some boats the appetizer is included in price. Normally price of panoramic cruise for adults is 10 EUR.

Boat on the Ljubljanica river

35. Smell the flowers in Arboretum Volčji potok Kamnik

Arboretum Volčji potok is the most visited botanic garden in Slovenia. You can visit it in any season. There you can find 4,800 trees, 1,000 rose varieties and 2,000,000 tulips.

36. Relax at the Gradiško lake

Around 25km from the Ljubljana you can reach Gradiško lake. There you can relax, swim or take a walk around lake on 4km long footpath.

37. Freshen up at waterfall Rinka

In the Logar valley is the most beautiful and the most visited waterfall Rinka. You can come under waterfall and freshen up during hot summer days or just admire it from far away. Logar valley is very beautiful and green, surrounded it with mountains over 2000m high. You can reach Logar valley by car, entry fee for car is 7EUR, for passengers by foot and by bike is free entry.

38. Admire nature from the Treetop Walk on Rogla

On September 2019 on Rogla a treetop walk was open. You can walk around to the top and admire nature from the 20m height. The total length of the Treetop Walk is about 1,000 meters.

things to do in Slovenia
Treetop walk Rogla

39. Look around from the top of the Vinarium Lendava

From the top of the watchtower Vinarium Lendava you can see to the four countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. It is 53,3 meters tall, from where you can admire 360° view around the colorful landscape. The ticket price for adult is 7EUR, for families (3 – 5 persons) is 14EUR and for students, retirees and youth (6-18 years) is 5 EUR.

40. Sweeten up with Prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layer cake )

Prekmurska gibanica is a Slovene national culinary specialty. It is made from short pastry, filo pastry sheets, fillings (poppy seed, cottage cheese, walnut and apple) and toppings (cream topping and fatty topping).

things to do in Slovenia
Prekmurska gibanica

41. Do an adrenaline rafting trip on the river Soča

You can choose between different long and different heavy trips on the river Soča. You can chooce between rafting, kayak or canyoning. Or you can decide for Adventure park Bovec where you can choose different courses.

42. Swim in the Nadiža River

The Nadiža River in the Breginj corner, under the long ridge of the mountain Stol, is suitable for swimming and very beautiful green place for relaxing. In the summer, the temperature of the Nadiža river is over 20°C.

43. Do not miss festivals in Slovenia

In Slovenia you can visit different festivals, almost every city has one of them. The most famous is Ljubljana festival, well-visited are also Festival Maribor, Festival Lent and Hi festival Zasavje.

44. Admire the highest Chimney in Europe

In Trbovlje, Zasavje you can find the highest Chimney in Europe. It is 360m high. Some people have already climbed to the top but it is still forbidden. It stands at the Sava river and there is really nice view.

The highest Chimney in Europe

45. Stay a night or two on the tree in the Garden Village Bled

In the Garden Village Bled you can sleep in a tree lodge, drink morning coffee among treetops or spend your honeymoon on the highest tree with its tree trunks growing right through it. In this village you can stay also in pier tents, glamping tents or in basic studio apartment.

46. Take a guided tour of the Rogaška glassworks

In Rogaška slatina you can find glassworks. There you can take a guided tour and see the production of the premium crystal glass. You can see all production stages like raw materials, glass-blowing, decorating and packaging. The tour ends in the shop where you can buy their items with 10% discount. The entrance fee for adults is 8EUR, for children (older than 6 years old) is 3EUR, for younger than 6 years is free.

47. Visit the UNESCO Idrija – the luxury of lace and history of mercury mining

Idrija is a city, about 60km from Ljubljana, which is under UNESCO heritage. There you can meet with the history of the mercury mining which was the tradition half of the century. In Idrija you can see the luxury of lace and learn how to intertwine the threads, wound on bobbins.

48. Enjoy at the International carnival festival in Ptuj

Every year more than 5,000 masks and etnographic characters, 900 kurents and over 100,000 visitors invite the spring in Ptuj. In 2020 there will be 60th international carnival festival (Kurentovanje) from 15th to 25th of February.

49. Admire fairytale Castle Otočec

In the middle of the river Krka situated the castle Otočec with the picturesque landscape. There you can admire surroundings, dining in the restaurant, visit castle winery, play golf or stay any night in the 5-star Castle Hotel Otočec. It is a fairytale place for wedding.

50. Walk to the Lovrenc lakes

One hour and 15 minutes walk from the Rogla you reach the Lovrenc lakes. It is the moor a kilometer long and people call it Lovrenc lakes. It is easy beautiful path.

things to do in Slovenia
Lovrenc lakes

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