Slovenia in the winter is the real fairy tale. Check the list of the interesting things also in Slovenia in the winter.

1.Go skiing at one of the popular Slovenian ski resorts

Slovenia is known as the ski country so here you can find a lots of popular ski resorts. The most popular snow resorts are Kranjska Gora, Kanin and Vogel. There you can also find a place for snowboarding and sledding.

2.Ice skating Around Slovenia in the winter

In almost every town in Slovenia during winter you find at least one ice rink. In my town Domžale (around 15 km from Ljubljana) you can visit it for free. During season there organize different events like dancing on skates or winter fairy tale skating with the animation for the youngest.

Ice skating Domžale

3.Relax at the Spa

In every region Around Slovenia you can find any Thermal Spa and health resort. It is very good decision for cold winter days. I would highly recommend Thermana Laško, Terme Čatež or Rimske Terme. For example in Thermana Laško you can take winter holiday package and enjoy unlimited entrance to the thermal swimming pools and daily entrance to the Fitness.

Terme Čatež

4.Experience a winter fairy tale in the capital

The capital of Slovenia is always interesting to visit. During winter you can find there different natural and artificial skating rinks like Koseški bajer, Hala Tivoli and the Hall Zalog. More ideas what to do in Ljubljana in every season you can read here.

Ljubljana in the night

5.Enjoy in the museums in Slovenia in the winter

Around Slovenia you have really wide selection museums. In Ljubljana you can every first Sunday in the month visit some museums for free. The list of the free museums you can see here. However I suggest you to visit funny House of the Illusions in Ljubljana.

House of the Illusion

6.Visit Postojna cave

Postojna cave is appropriate to visit in every season because there is constant temperature throughout the year (10 °C). Take the guide tour and admire five-meter-tall stalagmite called Brilliant and the Baby Dragons. Experience the adventure with the underground train.

7.Warm up with the hot drink in Slovenia during winter

In cold days I recommend you to warm up with the hot drink like hot chocolate or mulled wine. In December in almost every town you can visit Christmas market where you can find a lots of stands with the mulled wine and hot tea. I always suggest to everyone to take the drink with the view over white winter city. In Ljubljana you can choose between the Skyscraper, the 20th floor of the Hotel Intercontinental or Crystal Palace (Kristalna palača) at the BTC shopping area.

Coffee on the top of the Skyscaper (Nebotičnik)

8.Spend the time in the Opera house, theater or cinema

In Ljubljana and Maribor you find the Opera House so you can spend your time watching opera or ballet performance. In almost every Slovenian city there is at least one theater. For example in Ljubljana you can reach City Theater, Šentjakobsko Theater and Slovenian National Theater Drama. Always good decision for cold evenings is visiting cinema. In the capital the most popular and the biggest cinema is Kolosej close to the BTC shopping area.

Opera House Ljubljana

9.Learn how to cook Slovenian typical dishes

Slovenia offers a lot of typical dishes (Carniolan sausage, Bled cream cake, Idrija žlikrofi and the Prekmurje gibanica) so the winter days are perfect to learn how to prepare it. You can find different cooking classes but one highly recommended class is at Tourist Farm Trnulja on the edge of Ljubljana. It was in The Guardian list in top 10 of the best cooking classes with stays in Europe.

10.Cheer for your the best ski jumper in Planica

Every year in March in Planica you can cheer for your idol in the ski jumping. Next Ski flying World Championships will be from 19th to 22nd March 2020. In Planica set some world records, the last valid was in 2005 which was 239.0 meters.

Go Around Slovenia in the winter and experience all possible fantastic things. You won’t regret!